Akshay Bhat

PhD Candidate at &

Email: akshayubhat@gmail.com
Office: Cornell Tech, 111 8th Ave, NY 10011
Advisor: Ramin Zabih

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PhD Research and Startup

As part of my PhD research on Large Scale Data Mining for Healthcare, I am developing Computational Healthcare a Search & Aggregation Engine.

Computational Healthcare indexes and aggregates data from millions of healthcare visits. Using novel privacy preserving aggregation strategies it simplifies data analysis, replication and dissemination process. Researchers can conduct millions of different studies in few clicks. Computational Healthcare is developed in collaboration with Radiology and Anesthesiology departments at Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University.

I am a co-founder of Temporal Health. Temporal Health aims to make information derived from large healthcare databases accessible to a broad audience.

Machine Learning & Computer Vision

EraseImage.com is an online tool for segmenting images. It lets users can perform image segmentation and background removal completely in client-side JS. It is implemented using Angular, FabricJS and Superpixels.

I am interested in developing tools for mining large publicly available datasets, using cheap cloud computing resources such as AWS spot instances. Recently I have been analyzing Pinterest sitemaps for advertising and user acquisition.

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